вторник, февруари 28, 2012


I sit down in a silent corner of my head and start obsessively repeating to myself that everything is and will be alright. Everything is and will be alright. Everythingisandwillbealright. Everythingisandwillbealrighteverythingisandwillbealrighteverythingisandwillbealrighteverythingisandwillbealrighteverythingisandwillbealright....

Because thoughts  do shape reality, don't they?

петък, февруари 24, 2012

вторник, февруари 21, 2012


is tricky. And four months of nocturnity during wintertime is even trickier. The lack of sun, sleep and soul-sustaining substances cause your mind to slip. And if you're not careful, you might fall. Which, incidentally,  is not always a bad thing. And when you do fall, all you want to do is keep floating. Like this: