понеделник, август 27, 2012

Until We Bleed

I'm naked
I'm numb
I'm stupid
I'm staying

понеделник, август 13, 2012

Shall we play?

Imagine your life has gone terribly wrong. No dramatic events have turned it upside down. But things have simply turned awry. Like you've been walking a mine field, and every step that you've taken seems to have been the wrong move, so you ended up setting off an explosion every time. Thousands of explosions, day after day. So, you're there, in the middle of that field, all shabby and torn, wondering how to move on. Would you dare take the next step? And what if this time you don't get out of it alive?

вторник, август 07, 2012


No, nothing new. Just Florence. And everything else.