събота, август 08, 2009

четвъртък, август 06, 2009

Science of window breaking

Because it seems like happiness comes to those that have built the least defences against it.

сряда, август 05, 2009

Voicing out a happy phantom

Lovely weather, ay? I just don't understand why everybody likes sleeping when it rains... I'd rather have a nice wet walk outside. Bleed my feet to death as those foppish trainers turned out to be the most uncomfortable thing on planet Earth. Or better simply stay in and watch, kill no snails accidentally. Gaze at the pouring raindrops hypnotized... Silent as always. Absent as I have been. And letting it all slide by. Maybe I'm starting to vanish. Getting transparent. Maybe that's why rain doesn't get me, doesn't scare me. Maybe it simply does not even detect my presence...

It feels weird even writing in here. Feels like I have packed my stuff and left some long time ago. And been just occasionally dropping in for a cup of tea and a little chit-chat. Not too good at that anyway. Seems like all the silence evokes nothing but more silence until finally it feels like there is just nothing to say. Ever. As if every thought can be spared as the world will not collapse for its being shared or not. And what the hell do you reply to "Say something"? It's like bringing a disco light in a cave full of bats and asking them to perform an organized dance.

See, I guess I might go for a Brit after all, ay? Starting off with the weather and cunningly moving on to subjects completely different but still of as little interest as the weather topic itself.

And last but not least - officially tested the "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else" case and it works flawlessly. Was the happiest person when I kicked off those shoes. Anybody have some ointment for soul blisters?

понеделник, август 03, 2009