вторник, март 27, 2012


"Cause if you take your vitamins and pay your taxes and never cut the line, the universe still gives you people to love and then lets them slip through your fingers like water, and then what have you got?  Vitamins and nothing…"

G. A.

събота, март 17, 2012

Close to comfort

Close eyes. Breathe. And for a moment there, believe. Open eyes. Open heart. Open up and fall apart.

вторник, март 13, 2012

Dance the pain away

Fix headphones. Charge player. Plug headphones. Play music. Dance the shit out of it.

сряда, март 07, 2012

Hush, now.

up and down and back and forth and in and out and up and down and back and forth and breathing in and breathing out. i declare myself incapable of making decisions. i do not want to. strange dreams of nylon, cherry blossom, infinite goodness, radiating from a stranger. people, things, places, emotions, memories, dreams. i do not have enough space for my stuff.